The city is an integral part of China’s history over the past eight centuries.

Beijing is both a tribute to China’s proud history and a gateway to China’s future. The capital city during the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing has long been the political, cultural, and diplomatic center of China.

Being the second largest city in China, Beijing is now an international metropolis, home to over 22 million people from all walks of life. Alongside 7300 cultural relics and historic sites and more than 200 scenic spots – including the world’s largest palace, the Forbidden City, as well as the Great Wall, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven – Beijing boasts an impressive modern skyline, a reflection of its rapid economic development.

Being the political center as well as one of the biggest industrial bases in China, Beijing is the city of tycoons, business entrepreneurs, politicians, and young people who want to get ahead – all looking for symbols of their success: including fine wines.

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