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This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information about the TopWine China Exhibition and Conference, which takes place in the majestic China World Trade Center complex in Beijing, with sufficient allure and cachet to attract the right visitors.

Welcome to TopWine China 2011! - 欢迎来到TopWine China 2011北京国际葡萄酒博览会! 

TopWine China's objective is to provide a boost for the Chinese market and the international as well as the national trade will respond in Beijing from 24 - 26 May 2011. Everything is in place to ensure that the second version of the truly international wine exhibition and conference again generates so much energy that no professional can afford to miss it. 

TopWine China 2011北京酒展旨在于提供一个提升中国红酒市场的机会以及探索外国酒在国内贸易中的效应。所有的一切都已准备好以确保第二届专业国际葡萄酒博览会以及会议可以再次充满活力地展开,所以专业人士都不应该错过。

In 2010 the premiere of our event ended with an exciting positive response from the industry. There were in total 3450 high calibre visitors of which 3300 were domestic from 111 cities of 29 provinces, and 150 overseas from 20 different countries. This final number of wine trade professionals surpassed all expectations, with not only quantity, but quality too!        


The verdict for this debut was therefore quite a positive one and as organisers we were delighted with this success. All key performance indicators underlined the great value of TopWine China by bringing together the supply and demand sides of the wine market together at an international level in a uniquely professional atmosphere.       

作为首届展会就得到了积极的评判,作为主办方我们很有成功的喜悦感。会议重点强调TopWine China最大的价值在于以国际化的标准为供需双方提供一个专业且独特的氛围去进行商务洽谈。        

The excitement generated by this overwhelming success resulted in a considerable growth in stand space for 2011. Some 2010 exhibitors required much bigger stands while the list of new exhibitors/country pavilions grew steadily as well.         


Once again this year France (UBI) will be the strongest representative of the international wine business at TopWine China with the most famous winegrowing regions providing an excellent overview of the regional specialities and variety of different styles. But also Spain, Australia and Italy have considerably increased their stand space in order to give as many young and established vintners, as well as famous winegrowing regions the possibility to introduce their high quality wines on the Chinese market. Besides a growing number of new individual exhibitors from all over the world, including a presence of wineries from Chile, we also welcome again exhibitors from Germany, Hungary, Moldavia and Georgia.  


今年法国UBI展团仍然是TopWine China出展实力最雄厚的国外酒庄代表将带来最知名的葡萄酒产区的概念特色和大量不同品种的葡萄酒。还有西班牙,澳大利亚和意大利展团也大面积扩增展位以介绍更多新兴的已经成形的酒商参展,许多知名酒产区的葡萄酒也探索在中国市场进行葡萄酒推广的可能性。


The success of TopWine China is an illustration of how vigorous the Chinese wine market is, and it also demonstrates the growing importance of China as a wine consuming country. China is expected to be the world's seventh-largest wine consumer by 2012, with a consumption volume of 1.2 billion bottles. It is in this respect that we, as organisers, truly believe in the strength of a combination of this international 'wine gathering' with a high-class summit, seminars, and wine tasting sessions. Under the slogan 'China's year of World Wine' the summit will comprise presentations detailing opportunities and challenges for China's imported wines, while Australia's foremost wine publishing company Winestate Magazine will be promoting Australian wines with professional 'Master Class Tasting' sessions on all three days during the event. Another first during TopWine China 2011 is the Wine Services Team Competition 2011 established with the intention to stimulate the awareness in the international wine services culture in China. Created by Tommy Lam, the Founder of China National Sommelier Competition.

TopWine China的成功是中国酒市场潜力的最佳例证。同时也显示出中国酒消费市场日益增长的重要性。中国期望会在2012年成为世界第七大葡萄酒消费国,总销量将达到1.2亿瓶。从这一方面来说,我们作为主办方,有理由期待这是一场具有高峰论坛、专业研讨会和品酒会的强力组合的国际性质"酒聚会"。围绕"世界酒中国年"的口号,高峰论坛会强调机遇和中国进口酒所带来的挑战。同时澳大利亚最权威的红酒发行机构Winestate杂志将会在展会期间通过'品酒大师课程来推行澳洲酒。TopWine China 2011另一大看点是第一次举办"侍酒师团队竞赛",目的是为了激发葡萄酒侍酒服务文化在中国的认知。该活动由中国侍酒师协会的Tommy Lam先生策划。

The countdown has started: in less than 2 weeks, exhibitors from all over the world will be welcoming the expected 5000 visitors. As organisers we are convinced that they will be able to find the quality wine they like. At the same time we hope that exhibitors will be able to make a lot of new contacts that will be of future value to their business.





First Wine Services Team Competition


During Topwine China 2011 Tommy Lam is organising the very first Wine Services Team Competition (WSTC) on May 25. Tommy holds an MBA and the Bordeaux Wine MBA. He organizes wine accreditations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tianjin, is a certified wine specialist, certified sommelier, and the organizer of Court of Master Sommelier Accreditations in Asia.

Topwine China 2011中国北京国际葡萄酒博览会期间将会在5月25号全天举办由Tommy Lam先生组织的北京葡萄酒侍酒师团队竞赛(WSTC)。Tommy先生已读取并获得MBA学位和波尔多葡萄酒专业MBA学位。TOMMY本人在新加坡,香港和天津等地组织了葡萄酒认证机构,系葡萄酒认证专家,资深侍酒师,同时也是亚洲高级葡萄酒认证机构的创始人。

The first WSTC in Beijing is established with the intention to stimulate the awareness in the international wine services culture in China. The spirit of this competition is to provide opportunity and encourage junior floor staff, to learn and play a part in wine and beverages services. Full time qualified sommeliers and managers play the role of leader and will be coaching the teams in the competition.


 "Together, we are creating history for China in wine and beverage services in this Wine Services Team Competition, " says Tommy Lam. "Eleven Top Hotels and Restaurant in Beijing joint forces in setting China wine and beverages services to the international highest standard set by the world most reputable and authority wine and beverages services body, The Court of Master Sommelier. One of the 178 Master Sommeliers will also be present to judge, witness and provide advices to all team members taking part in this competition."

"在此,我们将会通过这个竞赛为中国酒饮侍酒服务业创造新的历史" Tommy如是说到。北京11家顶级酒店和餐馆将会聚于此,通过全球最有声望和权威的酒饮机构的高级侍酒师来把中国酒饮业提升到国际最高水准。做为178名专业侍酒大师成员之一的侍酒大师裁判团将亲历现场来判定、见证,甄别比赛并为参赛选手提供宝贵的建议。

The 11 hotels and restaurant are:                十一家酒店名单如下

China World Hotel, Beijing                           中国大饭店
China World Hotel, Summit Wing
Fairmont Hotel, Beijing
JW Marriott, Beijing
                                      JW 万豪酒店
Maison Boulud Restaurant, Beijing
Opposite House Hotel, Beijing
Ritz Carlton Financial District, Beijing
Shangri-la Hotel, Beijing
Sofitel Hotel Wanda, Beijing
Traders Hotel, Beijing
Traders Upper East Hotel Beijing                 北京上东商贸饭店



The best team of the competition will be chosen by Jason Smith, Master Sommelier of Ballegio Hotel and Resorts in Las Vegas, USA. Ballegio is the only hotel in the world which has 4 Master Sommeliers working for them, and Jason is the head of all these Master Sommeliers. Local judges are Yang Lu (China Sommelier Champion 2010) chief sommelier at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, Vivian Tian, sommelier at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Shanghai, and Alvin Gho, head sommelier at Jean-Georges Shanghai. The local Master Judge is Jason Shi sommelier of the China World Hotel.


参赛最强队伍是由高级侍酒师杰森.史密斯领衔的来自美国拉斯维加斯的Ballegio Hotel。Ballegio是唯一一家同时拥有四个高级侍酒师的团队,其中杰森更是这些里的佼佼者。来自国内的裁判有上海的杨路小姐,香港半岛大酒店首席侍酒师(2010年中国侍酒师赛冠军);上海外滩Waldorf Astoria酒店的侍酒师薇薇安.田小姐;上海Jean-Georges 西餐厅的侍酒师Alvin Gho。总裁判将由中国大饭店的高级侍酒师Jason石军先生担任。



Winestate names Australian showcase wineries for China wine trade event - 

Winestate 组织澳大利亚展商赴中国参展

Wineries from Australia's premium growing regions have been announced to represent Australia at Top Wine China in May. Australian wine publishing company Winestate Magazine is extending its global reach to promote Australian wines with professional 'Master Class Tasting' sessions at Asia's biggest wine event in Beijing.

Winestate宣布,来自澳大利亚优质产区的葡萄酒商将于五月份代表澳大利亚参加中国举办的TopWine China酒展。《Winestate》作为澳大利亚发行量最大的酒评杂志,为了扩大其全球影响力、推广澳大利亚葡萄酒,将在本届北京举行的亚洲最大的葡萄酒盛会上推出其专业的"大师级"品酒课程。

Winestate staff will conduct a series of events at Top Wine China - the Asian / Oceania region's top event for professional wine buyers held in the Chinese capital Beijing from 24-26 May, 2011.

在2011年5月24日-26日北京举办的亚太地区最顶级的专业展会--TopWine China上,Winestate员工还将举办一系列的活动。

The award winning wineries and wines selected by Winestate for inclusion in this prestigious event are:

  • Hahndorf Hill Wines (Adelaide Hills)  2010 Sauvignon Blanc
  • Rhythm Stick Wines (Clare Valley)  2009 Red Robin  
  •  (Yarra Valley)  2008 Pinot Noir
  • Koonara (Coonawarra)  Ambriels Gift  2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Laurance Wines (Margaret River)  Icon 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Lake Breeze (Langhorne Creek)  2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • III Associates (McLaren Vale)  Squid Ink 2008 Shiraz
  • 1847 (Barossa Valley)  Pappy's Paddock 2005 Shiraz
  • De Bortoli (Riverina)  Noble One 2007 Botrytis SemillonIn  

  • Hahndorf Hill Wines (Adelaide Hills) 2010 长相思
  • Rhythm Stick ( Clare Valley ) 2009 雷司令
  • Sticks ( yarra Valley ) 2008 黑品诺
  • Koonara ( Coonawarra )Ambriels Gift 2008解百纳苏维翁
  • Laurance Wines ( Margaret River ) Icon 2007赤霞珠
  • Lake Breeze ( Langhorne Creek ) 2007 赤霞珠
  • IIIAssociates ( McLaren Vale ) Squid Ink 2008 西拉
  • 1847 ( Barossa Valley ) Noble One 2007 沙美龙
  • De Bortoli ( Hunter Valley) Noble One 2007沙美龙

In Beijing, Winestate will present 8 to 10 wines that best represent each major wine region of Australia, aimed at promoting quality small to medium sized Australian wine companies.


Top Wine China attracts professional wine buyers from the largest customer bases including China, Russia, Europe and North America. Marketing & Promotions Manager Peter Jackson said Winestate had created a cost-effective joint venture program for Australian wine makers to show their wines to the world's most rapidly growing market.

Topwine China的专业买家来自最庞大的消费群体包括中国、俄罗斯、欧洲和南美洲。市场推广经理Peter Jackson说Winestate为葡萄酒生产者创造了一个低成本合作计划,让他们能够在增长快速的世界葡萄酒市场中展示他们的葡萄酒。

"There is a need to personalise Australia's regional diversity to promote more than 'generic Australian Wines' to the world," said Mr Jackson.


"Our program ensures that these selected wines are presented individually and not lost in the mass samplings that can happen at industry events. "Wines will be presented with correct style in these Master Classes to invited Chinese buyers representing importers, hospitality and distributorsand influential media representatives over the 3 days.

"Our recent experience shows that smaller wineries prepared to travel overseas on a supported visit like this also manage to source suitable agents in those countries, something you cannot do from your cellar door.


"At our European test events, wineries happily paid a share of the promotional costs for the event site and considered it a small investment to be presented before a world audience of potential importers."


A Winestate Master Class will have around 30-40 guests and the organisers at Top Wine China report a rapid response to the bookings, and a waiting list may be considered.


"Our program will present smaller winemakers with a low cost opportunity to be seen and tasted in China while sharing overheads with friends - in the form of Winestate staff and other Australian wine industry partners," said Mr Jackson.


"It helps to have a wine media background at these events. That's when we as presenters 'drill down' on the comments from Tasters and quickly explain the diversity of the states, the regions, the sub regions and the unexpected territories that very few international buyers understand."



World·Topwine·Market·Wisdom  -

CompetitionInternational Wine Chinese Year of 2011: An International Grape Wine Summit Forum is Forthcoming


In the wave of globalization, China's tremendous, boundless grape wine market sees a rapid development and drastic change. The imported grape wine market in China is forming a powerful attracting force and growing at still faster speed. Understanding China better and become successful in China will be the mainstreams of the global grape wine competition in 21st century.


During May 24-26, 2011, TopWine China 2011, will be held in Beijing International Trade Centr3 for 3 days; with around 150 national and international exhibitors  offering thousands of varieties of wine. The exhibition is 2 times as large as last year, indicating that the major countries of grape wine are actively exploring the markets in China.

2011年5月24-26日,TOPWINE CHINA 2011 北京国际葡萄酒博览会将在北京中国国际贸易中心拉开帷幕,展会为期三天,聚集了多达几千个单品的数百家国内外酒庄和酒商,规模是去年的两倍,反映出产葡萄酒的主要国家都积极开拓中国市场。

In the afternoon of the opening day on May 24, the organizing committee of TopWine China 2011 will, together with 900do.com, Wine Review, Wine Record, hold an international grape wine summit 'China's Year of International Wine Chinese Year', so as to gather wise entrepreneurs and experts of imported wine to discuss about the questions about the trade, market, model, brand, channel, marketing, etc. of the industry.

5月24日开幕日下午,TOPWINE CHINA 2011中国北京国际葡萄酒博览会组委会联合酒度网、《酒海观潮》、《世界酒誌》共同举办"国际酒·中国年"国际葡萄酒高峰论坛,旨在汇聚中国进口葡萄酒业睿智的企业家和专家,深入探讨行业、市场、模式、品牌、渠道、营销等一系列问题。

CompetitionIt is a very meaningful topic to discuss the local competition in the international wine industry in China, as well as to discuss the important role of Chinese wine importers, and the commercial and marketing strategy of international vineyards importing their wines into China. In 2011, China's grape wine market globalization will enter into a new stage, how will the international wine industry cooperate with the Chinese wine businessmen to seek common development? This is the focus that the whole industry concerns.


    It is necessary to comply with the stream of wine reform, press close to the actual wine marketing, and follow the pulse of the industry development closely, where opportunities and challenges coexist......This forum will launch China's thought on international cooperation in wine industry; become a grand meeting of the industry both in depth and extent, and definitely provide good example for China's wine industry in its future development.









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