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This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information about the TopWine China Exhibition and Conference, which takes place in the majestic China World Trade Center complex in Beijing, with sufficient allure and cachet to attract the right visitors.

WINE INDUSTRY CONFERENCE: TopWine China 2011 - 'World Wine · Chinese Year'


China: Paradise for Imported Wine

In 2012, China will become the seventh largest market in the world, with the consumption volume of 1.2 billion bottles. Amongst, the market share of imported wine will reach 30%. 30% is absolutely not the upper limit, instead, it might be the bottom line. The expectation from the data authorities and industry media is even more optimistic: growth, growth and more speedy growth.

Laws in the commodity society will never change: Where there is a demand, there a market and prosperity. China's imported wines are now in full blossom of high-speed growth. Year 2011 is destined a year of coexistence of opportunities and challenges for China's imported wines.

But problems are inevitable:
  1. The flourish of China's imported wines is real or just illusory?
  2. Where are the new growth points for China's imported wines? Still in the first-tier market, in the second or third-tier markets?
  3. Transparent wine price: imported wines lack of large-scale profit margin worth of market promotion - is it difficult for super brands to emerge?
  4. Comparison of operation models: model of traditional agency vs. self-owned brand OEM
  5. Consumption trend: Famous stores vs. cost performance, the consumption crashes of China's imported wines in 2011?
  6. Inevitable questions: soft spot of China's imported wines?
  7. Era of post-development: vicissitudes and revelation of China's imported wines?
Let's expect the grand ceremony of China's imported wines in 2010.
China's imported wine market is now growing with a higher speed; the gigantic and infinitely potential market is the vital support for its development. In 2010, consumption of China's imported wines exceeded 1 billion bottles, amongst, the imported wines had 20% market share. In 2012, China will become the seventh largest wine market in the world, with the consumption volume of 1.2 billion bottles, amongst, the imported wines will have a market share of 30%. 

Against such a background, 2011 is destined to be a year of coexistence of opportunities and challenges for China's imported wines. Where there is an demand, there is a market and prosperity. China's imported wines are now in full blossom of high-speed growth.

Facing such opportunities and challenges, what kind of situation and issues shall we tackle? And what's the development trend for tomorrow?

On May 24, 2011, World Wine · Year of China -- Summit Forum on 2011 China's Imported Wines will be grandly held at Beijing's China World Hotel on the same day when TOPWINE CHINA 2011 China Beijing's International Wine Expo is inaugurated.

"The flourish of China's imported wines in 2011 is real or just illusory? What are the soft spots for China's imported wines? More proactive thinking and exploration are needed for the future market development. How to accurately grasp the industry development trends, make a breakthrough in the traditional marketing model and develop with innovation become vital for the winning.

Against such background, the committee of TOPWINE CHINA 2011 China Beijing's International Wine Expo unites with 900do.com and the magazines of Wine & Spirits and World Wine vent jointly hold World Wine · Year of China -- Summit Forum on 2011 China's imported wines, with the purpose of gathering the wise entrepreneurs of China's imported wine industry and authoritative experts to deeply explore series of issues of the industry, market, models, brands, channels and marketing, etc. Several honorable guests in the wine industry from home and abroad are invited to come to Beijing to talk on the imported wines 2011 China Customs during the summit.










论坛背景;  2011·进口葡萄酒"争争"日上

















3、酒价透明:进口酒缺乏大规模市场推广的利润空间 -- 超级大品牌是否很难出现?
5、消费趋势:名庄 vs 性价比,2011年中国进口葡萄酒的消费碰撞?





2011年5月24日,"国际酒·中国年--2011中国国际葡萄酒高峰论坛"将于TOPWINE CHINA 2011 中国北京国际葡萄酒博览会揭幕当日在北京中国大饭店隆重举行。.

在此背景下,TOPWINE CHINA 2011中国北京国际葡萄酒博览会组委会联合酒度网、《酒海观潮》、《世界酒誌》共同举办"国际酒·中国年--2011中国国际葡萄酒高峰论坛",旨在汇聚中国进口葡萄酒业睿智的企业家和权威专家,深入探讨行业、市场、模式、品牌、渠道、营销等一系列问题。国内国际多位葡萄酒代表嘉宾将应邀齐聚北京,畅谈进口葡萄酒2011"中国风"。 


Wine Services Team Competition 2011 WSTC Beijing 

Competition"Professional wine services with experience serving team contribute to significant gain in beverage revenue." In China, more consumers are enjoying wines in restaurants, bars, hotel and all type of F & B outlets. How ready is your team ?

The first Wine Services Team Competition 2011 Beijing WSTC is established with the intention to stimulate the awareness in the international wine services culture in China. Created by Tommy Lam, the Founder of China National Sommelier Competition: "When creating the WSTC, I intended to provide an activity where the hospitality trade could build on, to establish their own strong team in providing international standard wine and beverage services, through a lighter version of team competition. Hotels, Restaurants and al F & B Establishments are able to bring the concept back to their own environment with almost every serving staff could be involved regularly. These days, be it local Chinese, or foreign customers, their knowledge in wines are getting better and better, they are not to be overlook. Only matching the consumers' expectation and standards is the winner formula.

This is a team competition, not a competition for individuals. Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Catering Providers are welcome to send their team to compete.      

Eligibility : Who can participate :
  • One team per single entity/property within in Beijing City
  • All participants must be FULL time employee of the participating entity.
  • All participants must be Chinese citizens below 28 (born on or after May 25 1983) years old.
  • Each team consists of :
    3 contesting members (one being the team leader)
    1 Manager/Sommelier (provide guiding and training)
    5-8 members of Cheer squad.
The spirit of this competition is to provide opportunity and encourage junior floor staff, to learn and play a part in wine and beverages services. Full time qualified Sommelier or Manager should play the role of leading and coaching the team in the competition.



Competition2011北京侍酒  师  团队 体 竞赛





时间:  首轮比赛    0830 - 1200

午餐        1200 - 1400

决赛        1400 -1630

颁奖仪式    1730


目的:  "拥有专业服务经验的葡萄酒侍酒  团队为饮品类收益作出了突出的贡献。"在中国,越来越多的顾客喜欢去宾馆、酒吧、旅店和各种形式的餐饮零售店享受专业的酒品服务。你的团队准备的怎样了?

Tommy Lam,中国国家侍酒师 竞 大 赛的创 始 办 人,本着提升中国境内国际化的葡萄酒侍酒文化意识的目的,创立了第一届2011年葡萄酒侍酒师团体竞赛。"在创立葡萄酒侍酒师团体竞赛时,我是打算提供一场可以优化酒店餐饮业服务的活动,通过这样一场轻松的团体竞赛,创立属于这个市场的强硬队伍,以提供标准化的国际酒类和饮品类服务。饭店、旅馆以及所有餐饮零售商能够将服务观念带回到他们本身的市场环境里,使几乎每位服务员都能够接受。活动中, 今日的葡萄酒市场,他们的酒类知识越来越丰富,这些顾客已不容忽视。赢者的标准就是满足顾客的期望和标准  要求。

1.  北京市内拥有独立法人资格的团队
2.  所有参赛者必须是参赛单位的全职人员
3.   所有参赛者必须是不满28岁的中国公民(1983年5月25日包括5月25日之前出生)
4. 每一支参赛队伍需包括:
此次竞赛精神是为初级基层服务员提供学习机会并鼓励他们学习酒类文化,并使其在酒类和饮品服务领域扮演相应角色。合格的全职侍酒师或是经理人应做好  担任竞赛的领导及教导工作
5.   经理和团队领导人须参加4月20日简会。为使经理和团队领导能更好的做好团队准备工作,发挥出最好的水平,会上将详细提出竞赛细节与规则,


1.    8:30   现场说明

2.    9:00 - 9:45     笔试:葡萄酒相关知识(45分钟,每组一桌)
-    50道多选题,题目涉及葡萄酒产区,分类,品种以及葡萄酒的历史等知识
-    可以小组讨论,但是不允许使用手机等电子设备
3.    10:00 - 10:10   品酒 (15分钟,每组一桌)
      -   在15分钟内品尝一款白葡萄酒和一款红葡萄酒,通过颜色、香味和口感等 从标准答案的 表格 桌子  上选出正确的答案,并且为其推荐相关配菜等
4.    10.30 -12:00    侍酒服务:醒酒 (10分钟,每组轮流) 

  •  每组成员分别展示一项技能  例如:开瓶、醒酒、倒酒。所有过程须在10分钟内完成
  •  根据时间和精美度评估选手表现
  •  创意可获得附加分  

3. 香槟酒服务:3个小组一起上台

- 在宣布最后入选的3个小组之前进行90秒的表演
- 在决赛中3个小组的啦啦队为自己小组加油助威










































1.  优胜奖
2.  冠军
3.  亚军
4.  最佳团队奖
5.  最佳合作奖x 2
6.  最契合奖
7.  最佳啦啦队
8.  最具创意团队
9.  最具潜力奖
10. 最佳表现奖 - 第1局
11. 最佳表现奖 - 第2局
12. 最佳表现奖 - 第3局
13. 最佳表现奖 - 第4局
14. 最佳表现奖 - 第5局
15. 活跃团队奖
16. 最佳个人贡献奖x2   

大师级评审:侍酒大师Michael Jordan,前任迪斯尼葡萄酒总监

本地评审:中国国内顶级侍酒师Jason, Vivian, Yang Lu

嘉宾评审:4名餐饮14名总经理,2名记者  执行总监:Chrisce Lee  执行团队:Ivan, Charles, Benny, Eric, and Tommy


* 版权所有,保留权利 


Winestate names Australian showcase wineries for China wine trade show
Winestate Wineries from Australia's premium growing regions have been announced to represent Australia at TopWine China in May. Australia's foremost wine publishing company Winestate Magazine is extending its global reach to promote Australian wines with professional 'Master Class Tasting' sessions at Asia's biggest wine event in Beijing.

Winestate staff will conduct a series of events at Top Wine China - the Asian / Oceania region's top event for professional wine buyers held in the Chinese capital Beijing from 24-26 May, 2011.

The award winning wineries and wines selected by Winestate for inclusion in this prestigious event are:
  • Hahndorf Hill Wines (Adelaide Hills)  2010 Sauvignon Blanc
  • Rhythm Stick (Clare Valley)  2009 Riesling
  • Sticks (Yarra Valley)  2008 Pinot Noir
  • Koonara (Coonawarra)  Ambriels Gift  2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Laurance Wines (Margaret River)  Icon 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Lake Breeze (Langhorne Creek)  2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • III Associates (McLaren Vale)  Squid Ink 2008 Shiraz
  • 1847 (Barossa Valley)  Pappy's Paddock 2005 Shiraz
  • De Bortoli (Hunter Valley)  Noble One 2007 Semillon
In Beijing, Winestate will present 8 to 10 wines that best represent each major wine region of Australia, aimed at promoting quality small to medium sized Australian wine companies.

Top Wine China attracts professional wine buyers from the largest customer bases including China, Russia, Europe and North America.
Marketing & Promotions Manager Peter Jackson said Winestate had created a cost-effective joint venture program for Australian wine makers to show their wines to the world's most rapidly growing market.

"There is a need to personalise Australia's regional diversity to promote more than 'generic Australian Wines' to the world," said Mr Jackson."Our program ensures that our selected wines are presented individually and not lost in the mass samplings that can happen at industry events.Wines will be presented with correct style in these Master Classes to invited Chinese buyers representing importers, hospitality and distributors and influential media representatives over the 3 days.Our recent experience shows that smaller wineries prepared to travel overseas on a supported visit like this also manage to source suitable agents in those countries, something you cannot do from your cellar door. At our European test events, wineries happily paid a share of the promotional costs for the event site and considered it a small investment to be presented before a world audience of potential importers."

A Winestate Master Class will have around 30-40 guests and the organisers at Top Wine China report an rapid response to the bookings, and a waiting list may be considered.

"Our program will present smaller winemakers with a low cost opportunity to be seen and tasted in China while sharing overheads with friends - in the form of Winestate staff and other Australian wine industry partners," said Mr Jackson.

"It helps to have a media and sales background at these events. That's when we as presenters 'drill down' on the comments from Tasters and quickly explain the diversity of the states, the regions, the sub regions and the unexpected territories that very few international buyers understand."

Background:  Now in its 34th year of publication, Winestate is a powerful independent voice for the Australian winemaker and the industry. The Master Class Tastings are managed and presented by Winestate Publishing, Australia's oldest and most respected magazine authority on Australian wines, the wine industry and wine tourism.  Each year Winestate evaluates over 10,000 wines from all regions in Australia and New Zealand with additional tourism information on where to stay and where to eat for its consumer and trade readers.


WinestateWinestate 组织澳大利亚展商赴中国参展  


Winestate宣布,来自澳大利亚优质产区的葡萄酒商将于五月份代表澳大利亚参加中国举办的TopWine China酒展。
在2011年5月24日-26日北京举办的亚太地区最顶级的专业展会--TopWine China上,Winestate员工还将举办一系列的活动。


  • Hahndorf Hill Wines (Adelaide Hills) 2010 长相思
  • Rhythm Stick ( Clare Valley ) 2009 雷司令
  • Sticks ( yarra Valley ) 2008 黑品诺
  • Koonara ( Coonawarra )Ambriels Gift 2008解百纳苏维翁
  • Laurance Wines ( Margaret River ) Icon 2007赤霞珠
  • Lake Breeze ( Langhorne Creek ) 2007 赤霞珠
  • IIIAssociates ( McLaren Vale ) Squid Ink 2008 西拉
  • 1847 ( Barossa Valley ) Noble One 2007 沙美龙
  • De Bortoli ( Hunter Valley) Noble One 2007沙美龙



Topwine China的专业买家来自最庞大的消费群体包括中国、俄罗斯、欧洲和南美洲。市场推广经理Peter Jackson说Winestate为葡萄酒生产者创造了一个低成本合作计划,让他们能够在增长快速的世界葡萄酒市场中展示他们的葡萄酒。




Visitor Pre-registration now open!
A3Visitor Pre-registration refers to that a visitor confirms his or her visiting interest as well as visiting data to the show organizer before the show and receives confirmation from the latter.

Pre-registered visitors are normally entitled to the following benefits/privileges:

1. Collect your visitor badge with barcode before the show. This saves your time in filling visitor registration form onsite and queuing for getting your visitor badge upon your arrival at the fair ground.

2. Receive full information on the show and exhibitors before the event so as to effectively plan your visiting schedule. After you complete the pre-registration, the organizer will provide you detailed show information, visiting tips and reminders through e-casts.

How to conduct pre-registration:

1. Online Pre-registration: login event site, find the pre-registration page in the "visitor" section and fill in the form online. This is a more convenient and fast way for pre-registration.

Click here for the Pre-registration form English.

Upon receipt of your pre-registration, the organizer may phone you to validate your identity and information. After that, you will receive pre-registration confirmation.







1. 在展会开始前可以用条形码扫描你作为参观者的信息。这就节省了你在网站上填写参观注册表信息和当你到达会场时排队获取参观胸卡的时间。






1. 在线预注册:登录参观观众栏,在该"参观观众"选项里找到参观登记项并进入预注册页面,在线填写表格。这是更快捷的预注册方式。




TopWine China 2011 participates at Prowein 2011 
4-527 to 29 March 2011 will see the international wine and spirits sectors meeting again in Düsseldorf. And for the very first time TopWine China 2011 will participate at this show as well in order to create heightened awareness for our event. ProWein 2011 will once again be host to all globally relevant wine-growing regions and will offer a unique and perfect opportunity for international trade visitors from retail and gastronomy to gain a comprehensive overview on the world range as well as trends and innovations in the wine and spirits sector. Some 3,400 companies from Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania are expected as exhibitors.

If you are interested to learn more about our event in Beijing, China, in either 2011 or 2012 you are kindly invited to visit our stand in Hall 6. Our stand number is E 104. All our representatives are at your disposal to discuss the opportunities with you face-to-face.


Top Wine China 2011 与 Prowein 2011的交流合作

4-52011年3月27日到29日在杜塞尔多夫将会再次召开国际葡萄酒和烈酒展。为了提高展会知名度及影响力,TopWine China将首次参与这次展会。ProWein 2011 将再次为零售业和美食界的国际贸易商提供一个全面纵览葡萄酒及烈酒业趋势和改革的机会。期待将有来自欧洲、美洲、非洲、亚洲和大洋洲不少于3400家公司的加入。

如果你对我们在中国北京的葡萄酒展会感兴趣,不管是2011年还是2012年的TOPWINE CHINA展会,欢迎您在PROWEIN展会期间来访我们位于6号大厅的TOPWINE CHINA展位,展位号是E104。我们将与您面对面探讨商机。

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