TopWine China Newsletter - September 2010
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This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information about the TopWine China Exhibition and Conference, which takes place in the majestic China World Trade Center complex in Beijing, with sufficient allure and cachet to attract the right visitors.

TopWine China 2011: 24 - 26 May
TWC 2010: High Calibre VisitorsFollowing the successful TopWine China 2010, the 2011 event will take place on May 24 - 26. Again in the majestic China World Trade Center complex in Beijing.


TopWine China 2011 will be a dynamic event where trade professionals can engage in direct exchanges with major decision makers and develop exclusive commercial relationships with all players in the wine market, being:


■ importers ■ exporters ■ wholesalers ■ agents ■ sales representatives ■ retailers ■ hotel managers ■ food & beverage managers ■ restaurant owners ■ wine bar owners ■ sommeliers ■ wine managers ■ purchasers ■ event caterers ■ exhibition caterers ■ duty free operators ■ ship chandlers ■ purchasers of airlines ■ hyper- and supermarket purchasers ■ purchasers of cruise and ferry companies


New Website for TopWine China 2011
A1Early September this year the Organizers of TopWine China 2011 launched a new website informing exhibitors about meeting an exclusive audience when they are ready to buy and informing qualified buyers about the advantages of meeting the top wine experts face-to-face and do business at the highest level. The new website provides concise information, and the latest news on the promising wine market in China.

2011中国北京国际葡萄酒博览会的网站已于今年9月初闪亮推出,在改版后的网站中我们将向各位传递中国葡萄酒市场的最新资讯,同时通过网站大家可以了解到TopWine China 2011既是一个参展商和专业买家洽谈业务的理想平台,又是高品质参观商和顶级葡萄酒专家面对面沟通业界讯息的难得机会。

Discover that TopWine China 2011 can work for you, and keep an eye out for the latest developments on www.topwinechina.com!

欢迎您访问  www.topwinechina.cn 并随时关注 2011中国北京国际葡萄酒博览会的最新动态!

New brochure
A1Apart from the new website, the TopWine China organizers also released a new, completely redesigned sales brochure with a fresh new look and feel.


China will have a huge impact on the future of wines!
A2 Massive prospects will make China the wine market of the future, with TopWine China 2011 being the primary event for all wanting to participate in this exciting business. Click here to see the latest graphics on wine production, wine import and wine consumption in China.

Spend quality time with all of your key existing and prospective customers
A3In Beijing, TopWine China has established itself straight away as a serious and lucrative port of entry into the highly promising Chinese wine business system. The success of the event is an illustration of how vigorous the Chinese wine market is, and it also demonstrates the growing importance of China as a wine consuming country.


Most of the 2010 exhibitors were extremely impressed with the quality of the professional contacts they have made at TopWine China, as well as with their knowledge and appreciation of wine. As a matter of fact quite a number of space reservations for 2011 have already been received giving a strong indication of substantial growth. In fact, several previous exhibitors have indicated to increase their space taken in 2010, confirming TopWine China as being a powerful sales and positioning tool available to the wine industry. In the meantime also inquiries have been received from additional national as well as international exhibitors for the next show in 2011.


Unique Strength
4-5As last year TopWine China 2011 will again be organized by Industrial Promotions International (I.P.I.) from the Netherlands, in partnership with Beijing Partnerworld Exhibition Co.

The unique strength of TopWine China is that the exhibition will again be co-organized by the China National Enterprises Association for Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, a department of the Ministry of Commerce in China, a very influential body within the Chinese Government.

Furthermore the event has the support of:
● The China Hotel Association
● The Shanghai Alcohol Circulation Trade Association
● The Wine Monopoly Bureau of Shanghai Municipality
● The China Tourist Hotels Association
● The China Alcohol Drinks Industry Association
● The Shanghai Brewing Association

Act now to exhibit at TopWine China 2011!
A1Trade shows are an extremely effective marketing activity for selling to highly targeted audiences with purchasing power.


TopWine China 2011 will be a viable and cost-effective sales tool as well, providing you with a unique opportunity to meet high-level wine industry people.


Quite a number of previous TopWine China exhibitors have already confirmed their presence at TopWine China 2011. So if you are looking for new, exciting challenges, act now to be sure of the best possible position.


The Lafite Puzzle
China's impact on the luxury French wine market has been enormous. The French fine wine index (Liv-100 index) is up by roughly 37% from a year ago, 24% year-to-date, and its upward momentum remains strong.

Not many asset classes have hit new highs above their mid-2008 levels. In addition to fine French wine, gold and China's residential property sector reached new highs in 2009. But I can't recall any others. And among the three, French fine wines seem to have performed best.

Fake Australian wine being sold in China is damaging the industry's reputation
Winemakers have called for diplomatic action after it emerged Chinese counterfeiters are passing off fake Australian wine as the real deal.

Australia's wine exports are worth almost $2.5 billion a year and China is the nation's fastest growing market. Emanuel Skorpos, who runs a winery in South Australia's Flinders Ranges, found bogus bottles of several Australian brands in China, including his own Flinders Run label, following a tip-off. He says a Hong Kong legal consultancy called Wine Protection Group alerted him to the problem. It says the bottles are filled with Chinese wine and rebadged as Australian. Skorpos says poor quality rip-offs could have a damaging effect on the burgeoning industry. "The problem we're facing as an industry is that if we leave a bitter taste in the Chinese consumer's mouth at such an early stage in our business into China, it could quickly destroy our industry," he said.

Multi-million campaign to boost wine market share in China
9Australia launched a multi-million-dollar push to try and boost its market share in the booming Chinese wine market.

The industry expects the Chinese market to become its biggest customer by 2015. It is hoped the move will capitalise on the already strong success of Australian wines in China. Local vintners have seized 20 per cent of the market for imported wine, second only to France, and sales are being led by traditionally strong brands such as Penfolds and Jacobs Creek.

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TopWine China 2011: 24 - 26 May 2011
New Website for TopWine China 2011
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China will have a huge impact on the future of wines!.
Spend quality time with all of your customers
Unique Strength
Act now to exhibit at TopWine China
The Lafite Puzzle
Fake Australian wine
Multi-million campaign

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