TopWine China 2016 Newsletter
Issue: 39      
09 / 2015
The new TWC 2016  
website is 'live'!

Last week the organization of TopWine China launched the new website for the 2016 event, taking place in Beijing from June 15 -17. The new, comprehensive website offers not only a clear overview of the success of the 2015 version of the international B2B wine show, it also provides all advantages and possibilities to participate in the 2016 show.

Meanwhile also the new brochure for TopWine China 2016 has been printed in three different languages. And is ready for a worldwide distribution. There is an English, French, and Italian version. The Spanish version is only available digitally. See below.

A Chinese version of the brochure is being produced right now.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in and return the on-line application form or contact one of our representatives.

The TopWine China 2016 Team


TopWine China 2016:

JUNE 15 - 17 

China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing