TopWine China 2014 Newsletter
Demand Exceeds Supply due  
to Super Power China Sales


'The world is currently facing the deepest wine shortfall in nearly half a century as demand outstrips supply' according to Morgan Stanley's October report into the global wine industry. This is considerably due to China's ongoing and insatiable thirst for wine - the superpower's consumption of wine has doubled twice in the last five years, outstripping even U.S. demand. Now China's love of wine is growing at such a rate that it is expected to become the world's largest consumer of wine by 2016



The good thing in this respect is that no longer only the richest people in China are drinking wine, but you also see more of what you would call well-off middle management white collar people getting more and more engaged in wine, which is a hugely positive sign. The fact is that the massive middle class Chinese people have a growing taste for wine and are increasingly adventurous in their choices. Super news for mid priced wines.  


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