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This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information to help you make the right decision to attend or visit TopWine China 2010. The first edition of TopWine China will be held in June this year at the majestic China World Trade Center complex in Beijing, with sufficient allure and cachet to attract the right visitors. The organiser, Industrial Promotions International (IPI) from the Netherlands, in partnership with Beijing Partnerworld International Exhibition Co., has a worldwide reputation for professional fair organisation and management.
Many international wine producers use TopWine China 2010 to increase brand awareness in a rapidly growing market, forecast to be the 7th largest wine consumer globaly by 2013
A1Preparations for a successful TopWine China 2010 are in full swing. And hopes are high for a great debut of this truly international wine event in Beijing, China.

TopWine China 2010 will welcome many leading wine dealers, cellars and distributors from around the world. So far we have booked national pavilions from France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, while new world wine countries such as Chile and Argentina are about to sign in due course. Entering a new and rapidly growing market requires a solid exposure and all exhibitors booked so far see TopWine China 2010 as the unique opportunity to approach retailers, importers, agents, sommeliers and wine purchasers in China, to actively develop their business in China and to get into contact with the national wine media, which is becoming more and more influential.
Another convincing sign of belief in a creation of a highly professional wine showcase in Beijing is the fact that an increasing number of leading Chinese wineries and distributors are booking stand space as well. A strong result of an extensive sales campaign!
See the latest list of exhibitors with a breakdown of companies per country, if already available. This list will be updated on a regular basis.
TopWine China is exclusively for trade visitors. Professionals from all areas of the industry meet up in order to discuss trends, perspectives and what's on offer - and, of course, to do good business.
Wine business forum important highlight
A1 An important highlight of TopWine China 2010 will undoubtedly be the three day conference, which will take place in the adjacent China World Hotel.

A panel of top industry speakers will be invited on the first day to share their expertise and views on the consumption tendency and preferences in China, developments in the wine industry and the importance of a perfect sommelier. As this forum is meant for mainly a Chinese audience, in principle all the speeches will be in Chinese. Directly after this forum there will be a ´networking´ party, whereby VIP´s and other decision makers from the Chinese wine industry will be invited to meet and personally get acquainted with the international and national exhibitors.
The Chinese are increasingly keen to purchase fine wine, either with the intention of investing or consuming. In this respect we are organising a seminar on the 2nd and 3rd day with parallel sessions. Representatives of exhibitors will be invited to give a paper on subjects such as marketing, wine education, lifestyle, etc., etc.

More news about the program wil be published soon!
Experience the power of exhibitions
A2 Wherever in the world you want to do business, you can do so much more, face-to-face, at an exhibition. And remember this: the results can be extremely rewarding!

Even in the digital age, when information is so much easier to come by, people will always want - and need - to meet face-to-face. Exhibitions are a highly cost-effective way to generate sales leads and enter new export markets. You can make more contacts, and acquire more market intelligence, during three days at an international event than you might otherwise achieve in months or even years. Among all marketing channels, meetings and events are the discipline that best accelerates and deepens brand relationships, delivering the all important brand 'experience'.
TopWine China 2010 in Beijing gives you a head start in a market where you cannot easily piggy-back on vast wholesale networks as in your own country. You'll have to find your own way - contact independent import / distribution companies as well as those with government connections. You will meet them at TopWine China 2010.
If you want to do serious business in China (expected to be world's seventh largest wine consumer by 2013) contact us soon to book a good exhibit hall location. It is only you who can convince the high calibre trade visitors to TopWine China, face-to-face, about the high quality and the fine taste of your wines. 
China: a radically different market
A3 The opportunity China represents can only be exploited if brand owners truly understand they must cater for a radically different market.

The China Wine Market Landscape Report, a new study from Wine Intelligence, sets out the opportunities in a country that has an estimated 34m 'upper-middle class consumers' a figure that should rise to 82m by 2025. But exporters will only make headway if they have specific strategies for China and don't simply see it as another market. Global brand owners must find out what the Chinese really want, explain their products, and understand they must be tailored to Chinese needs, Richard Halstead, chief operating officer of Wine Intelligence told decanter.com.

Chinese consumers like imported bottled wines
A4 China's new wealthy consumers are waking up to the pleasures of imported wines, according to a new report done by Wine Intelligence.

Consumers in China say they enjoy the sophistication and feelings associated with drinking a good bottle of imported wine, and are finding more room for it in their every day lives, according to the Wine Intelligence China Landscape report. The report predicts that the number of Chinese consumers who could afford to buy imported wine regularly will rise from around 23 million in 2010 to 80 million in 2025.

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