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Winemaking is equally a science and an art. Wine drinking results in inspired thinking. Although wine is not a traditional beverage, China's consumers are increasingly open to new tastes and experiences from the Old World and New World wineries.

This newsletter is designed to keep both, winemakers from all over the world and wine consumers from China and the Asia Pacific, up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information about the TopWine China Exhibition and Conference.

Exciting import figures in China


For the recent years, with rising of consumption level, wine tasting skills and changing of drinking habit of Chinese people, their demand for imported wine has increased greatly. Now China has become one of the most important wine consumption country in the world, with great potentials for development and for profitability. In 2011, the country imported wine 390 million litres, with 27.8% year-on-year-basis increase. It is expected that during the 12th Five-Year period, China will become the biggest wine consuming country.




According to China Customs statistics (announced on the Chinese Wines Information Website), for the first three quarters of 2012, the country has imported wine 330 million litres, having increased 15.2% than the same period of last year; the value of import was 184 million US$, increasing 23.4%; average price of the import was 5.6US$/litre, increasing 7.1%; therein to, alone for September, 44,000 litres of wine were imported, 22% of year-on-year increase and 0.3% of link relative ratio. During the same period, wine import price was 5.8US$/litre, increasing 0.2% on year-on-year basis and 2.2% as link relative ratio.


China customs statistics show that during the first three quarters, China has imported 230 million litres of wine by general trade mode, having grown by 13.6% on year-on-year basis and taking up 70.4% of the total wine import of the country during the same period. Meanwhile, 83,00 kilolitres of wine have been imported by special monitor logistic mode, having increased 13.3% on year-on-year basis and 25.1% of the total; 13,000 kilolitres by bonded area monitor mode, 76% year-on-year basis increase and 3.9% of the total.

China: Five trends for
the wine market in 2013



Wine Intelligence is the global company dedicated to supporting wine businesses and associations through consulting, branding & market research. With its core team based in London, the company works in all current and emerging wine consuming markets globally. Wine Intelligence offers a broad range of research, insights and strategy services which help wine business make better and more profitable business decisions.


In an online post for clients, Wine Intelligence analysts recently predicted five key market developments in China, from an explosion in online retailing to 'shrinking bottles'.


1. Online retailing will come of age  

Wine Intelligence data is already showing that two of the top five retailers used by wine drinkers in China are purely internet-based: Yesmywine and Tmall. The trend is expected to accelerate for two reasons. Firstly, technology is evolving to make it possible: mobile internet is becoming more widespread and accessible to growing numbers of consumers, and sales of tablet devices are soaring. Research finds that owners of tablets are twice as likely to buy wine online. Secondly, trusted specialist retailers like Yesmywine are likely to benefit from widespread concerns about fake products.


2. The fake wine issue will need to be addressed


The recent discovery of a cache of 10 million bottles of counterfeit Lafite was proof, if it were needed, that China's problem with fake wine has got out of control. In fact the country has an issue with all manner of food scandals, some involving supply-chain corruption, and some which are a real threat to public health.

Steps are being taken, by individuals, corporations and the authorities, to expose and prevent such wrongdoing. Look out for China's first fully traceable wine, sold at Metro, with a barcode which shoppers can scan, and see exactly where the lot has come from - all the way back to the vineyard.


3. Chinese consumers will start trading down

The wealthy have developed a particular taste for top-end Bordeaux, but as more middle-class consumers enter the wine category, China's list of imports is starting to look very different. It's also true to say that some of the business leaders who've favoured cru classé may also change their tastes, for fear of being saddled with a fake. 

Consumers of all descriptions will be keen to find better value for money where they can. We expect France to continue to lead the field, but Bordeaux's pre-eminence could be under threat. 



4. Tier 2 cities will get the wine habit  

The wine market is currently focused on Tier 1 cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. But there are 20 to 30 cities with populations of 3m to 8m, where wealth is increasing. These will be the main engines of growth for the wine trade. There are currently around 20 million consumers of imported wine in China - just 1.5% of the population. Wine Intelligence expects the number to rise to around 80 million by 2020, with the bulk of new drinkers coming from Tier 2 cities. 




5. Look out for shrinking bottles  

Wine Intelligence predicts that more suppliers will see a role for smaller-format bottles. These may prove particularly popular among younger consumers, who are still unsure about wine and are reluctant to invest in a full 75cl bottle. 



Alternative packaging, like cans and pouches, may have a longer-term future but is unlikely to find favour at the present time.



South Africa at TopWine China





Wines of South Africa (WOSA) is looking into taking up a stand at TopWine China 2013, should there be enough interest from producers. South African wine producers are kindly requested to confirm their interest via email with or by phone: 0218833860.   


Wines of South Africa (WOSA) is a fully inclusive body, representing all South African producers of wine who export their products. WOSA, which was established in its current form in 1999, has over 500 exporters on its database, comprising all the major South African wine exporters. It is constituted as a not-for-profit company and is totally independent of any producer or wholesaling company. It is also independent of any government department, although it is recognised by government as an Export Council. WOSA's mandate is to promote the export of all South African wines in key international markets.

Light, lively and fruity





The Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI, or German Wine Institute) will again be organising a German pavilion stand at TopWine China 2013. This German wine industry's marketing organization is responsible for the generic promotion of the quality and sales of German wine domestically and abroad. German wine differs from wines of other countries - it's light, lively and fruity, thanks to Germany's unique climatic and geological conditions. 


The German Wine Institute is looking forward to getting in contact with you at TopWine China in order to share the enthusiasm for German Wine.

Strong Italian presence
at TopWine China 





As other international wine producers -  in particular France but also Spain and New Zealand still have high market share, the Italian wine producers are now targeting the Chinese Market and this is also reflexed on the growing number of Italian exhibitors at TopWine China 2013.


Particularly significant is the fact that most of the former Italian exhibitors at TopWine China -  such as DE STEFANI and ORNELLA MOLON - immediately rebooked their stand at the show and also some new Italian Regions will bring collective stands for the first time to Beijing in 2013.

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