TopWine China 2013 Newsletter
Issue: 1810 / 2012
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Winemaking is equally a science and an art. Wine drinking results in inspired thinking. Although wine is not a traditional beverage, China's consumers are increasingly open to new tastes and experiences from the Old World and New World wineries.

This newsletter is designed to keep both, winemakers from all over the world and wine consumers from China and the Asia Pacific, up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information about the TopWine China Exhibition and Conference.

It is now YOUR time to get face to face with the top wine buyers in China to get FAST and DIRECT results.



TopWine China reflects the dynamic development of the wine sector in China. NOW is the time to register to be a part of this unique and must do event in Beijing. Booking a stand now will guarantee you a prime position in the most important wine exhibition in the northern part of China.




Prime opportunity to enter
Chinese market



Exhibiting at this b2b event will offer your company a prime opportunity to access the Chinese market.


Not only do exhibitions generate more sales leads than any other sales tool apart from companies' own websites, they also close sales effectively, help maximise your future business and speed up the sales process. Even in the Internet age, when information is easier to come by, you're more likely to secure a deal face-to-face at an exhibition.

What are the benefits?




The benefits of exhibiting are numerous, including:

  • A platform to market your country/region as an area
    of origin with serious quality wines at affordable prices
  • A platform to launch your company into a new
    and vibrant market
  • Contact and find an agent of representative
  • Reinforce your presence in the Chinese market
  • Meet new potential customers
  • Penetrate this emerging market
  • Network with existing customers
  • Launch and showcase your products to
    a market keen to invest.
  • Enter into partnerships with Chinese state investors



If you want to be in touch with the people who really make the 'buying' decisions, TopWine China 2013 is definitely the place to be!




Excited to see you at TopWine China 2013 

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