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This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information about the TopWine China Exhibition and Conference. The third edition of the most important wine show in Beijing and the northern part of China takes place in the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) right next to the Bird Nest (China National Stadium for the Olympics opening and closing ceremony).

APRIL 2012 



TopWine China 2012 opens
with over 600 exhibitors


With over 600 exhibitors from almost all over the world TopWine China is the leading exhibition and conference in Beijing for the Chinese wine industry in 2012.  


A considerable growth compared to the 225 exhibitors in 2011. Join highly rated producers from Argentina, Australia, Chile, the Chinese mainland, France, Germany, Georgia, Hong Kong, Italy, Macedonia, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Slovenia, and the United States.  

Once again France will be the strongest representative of the international wine business. Apart from a growing number of individual exhibitors, there will be a national pavilion from Germany for the first time, while Spain and Portugal have increased their stand space as well. Compared to 2011 (
100) the organizers are now aiming for around 350 exhibitors from mainland China.


With over 600 exhibitors from almost all over the world TopWine China is the leading exhibition and conference in Beijing for the Chinese wine industry in 2012.


Why should you attend TopWine China 2012!


Make sure you visit the show and:


* Meet the world experts face-to-face

* Do business at the highest level

* Learn about the markets

* Witness new consumer trends

* Build new business relations

* Enhance your product portfolio

* Discuss partnerships

* Take advantage of the best opportunities

* Compare, taste and select wines

* Benefit from the know-how of the greatest experts

* Develop your wine knowledge

* Improve your tasting technique


A visit to TopWine China is an essential addition to any 2012 diary!

See who's exhibiting, and start making plans on who you want to visit.



Register online now for free fast track entry 


You can order your TopWine China free entry badge now. Just follow the instructions on line, fill in the form and you will automatically receive your electronic badge, which you should print and keep. When you arrive at the China National Convention Center (CNCC), you will be given your personal badge in just a few minutes, thus enabling you to avoid the queues. 


Order here!


New place to meet   


As part of the on-going commitment of the Organisers of TopWine China to stimulate growth of the wine industry in China and ultimately benefit the consumer, it has been decided to move the exhibition in 2012 to the prestigious and purpose-built China National Convention Center (CNCC) in the heart of Beijing Olympic Green.  



Discover the taste of Germany at Top Wine China

Germany's wine growing regions are amongst the most northerly growing regions in the world, making German wines quite unique. The long ripening period of the grapes paired with moderate summer temperatures gives German white wines their renowned lightness and fruity aroma.  




Riesling is Germany's - and perhaps the world's - premier white grape variety. For the past few years, red wine production in Germany has also benefited from the effects of climate change. Consequently, red wines have gained a market share of 36 percent in Germany, led by the international varietal, Pinot Noir. When grown in Germany, these two grape varieties are known for their exceptional fruitiness which, combined with a fine fruit acid structure, produces wines with great storage potential.


For the first time, Wines of Germany will organize a German booth at the Top Wine China where Chinese guests are welcomed to taste the wines from 16 exhibitors or to participate at our seminar.    


On her first trip to Beijing, Annika Strebel, the German wine queen, will accompany the wineries and will be pleased to inform visitors about her country's fascinating wines.   





Wine Services Team Competition


"Professional wine services with experience serving team contribute to significant gain in beverage revenue." In China, more consumers are enjoying wines in restaurants, bars, hotel and all type of F & B outlets. How ready is your team?


The second Wine Services Team Competition is established with the intention to stimulate the awareness in the international wine services culture in China. Created by Tommy Lam, the Founder of China National Sommelier Competition: "When creating the WSTC, I intended to provide an activity where the hospitality trade could build on, to establish their own strong team in providing international standard wine and beverage services, through a lighter version of team competition. Hotels, Restaurants and al F & B Establishments are able to bring the concept back to their own environment with almost every serving staff could be involved regularly. These days, be it local Chinese, or foreign customers, their knowledge in wines are getting better and better, they are not to be overlooked. Only matching the consumers' expectation and standards is the winning formula.


This is a team competition, not a competition for individuals. Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Catering Providers are welcome to send their team to compete.      


The spirit of this 2012 competition is once again to provide opportunity and encourage junior floor staff, to learn and play a part in wine and beverages services. Full time qualified Sommelier or Manager should play the role of leading and coaching the team in the competition.


For more inforamtion, contact:





China leapfrogs Britain to become
fifth-biggest wine consumer


People in China, including Hong Kong, bought 156 million nine-litre cases (12 bottles) of wine in 2010, a 33.4-per-cent increase on the previous year, the annual study by International Wine and Spirit Research found.


Wine consumption rose 140 per cent in China from 2006 to 2010, the study said, putting it fifth in the wine-drinking league table for 2010 behind the United States, Italy, France and Germany. Over the same four-year period, wine consumption in
the US rose 9 per cent, but fell by 1 per cent in Italy, 8 per cent in France and 2 per
cent in Germany.


China's 156 million cases of wine compared to 141 million cases bought in the same year in Britain, followed by Argentina and Spain with 116 million and 98 million cases respectively. The biggest wine drinkers in Asia on a per capita basis live in Hong Kong, which enjoys a zero rate of duty on wine. In the city of 7.1 million, the average adult drank five litres of wine in 2010, twice as much as people in Japan and Singapore and four times as much as people in mainland China.


French wine is the most popular for Hong Kong drinkers, accounting for 28 per cent of wine sales, followed by Australian wines with 20 per cent of the market and US wines with 11 per cent. By total volume, Hong Kong people consumed twice as much sparkling wine and champagne as people in China, Japan, Singapore, mainland China and Taiwan combined.


Wine drinking in Asia has boomed in recent years, with China emerging as the number one global market for fine wines. Hong Kong has for the past two years sold more fine wine at auction than New York and London combined.




Chinese celebrities getting a taste
for wine investment

Wine investment could be becoming a new celebrity craze in China. Former basketball player Yao Ming is launching his new Napa Valley wine company in China, charging 3,800 yuan (382) a magnum for a 2009 Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon to private buyers.


Meanwhile, founder of Chinese internet company NetEase, Ding Lei, has investing in a wine trading company that imports wine from France. According to China Daily, the investment is a personal hobby and not for business purposes.


The popularity of fine wine in China is expanding. Wine investors are looking further afield than Bordeaux first growths and buying up super seconds and wine from other regions such as Burgundy. Now it is celebrities who are getting a taste of the action and taking advantage of the growing market in China. Indeed, it was reported last year that Chinese movie star Zhao Wei is considering buying a winery in Bordeaux.


Marketing expert Shu Guohua said that celebrities are investing in the wine market for commercial value and to maintain public awareness. "For Yao Ming," she said, "it was a good marketing strategy to create his own-brand wine. However, it will take a long time for customers to recognise the intrinsic value of the wine and believe it is worthwhile buying."


In the past, large Chinese-owned companies have bought up Bordeaux chateaux, with the first being Chateau Latour-Laguens by the Longhai group.

Now, there are a handful of smaller, struggling chateaux that have been bought by Chinese investors, some of whom plan to target wines produced in France specifically for the Chinese market.




TopWine China International Wine Investment Summit Forum starts on 4th June


'Evolution of Future Wine Investment & Fascination of Future Wine Investment' by Mr. Yu Min, the founder of Haozun Future/Wine International Investment Consultant Company, a senior member of U.K.Liv-ex Wine Exchange and has an official seat.


Since the price of Chateau Lafite Rothschild dropping down, those hot-headed investors become calm and begin to consider the complexity of investment for the wine. What will the weak Euro bring next? Being at a standstill or or waving to the unexpected trend? Mr.Yu Min will share the forecasting of the market of Future Wine in 2012.



'The Opportunity and Risk of purchasing Bordeaux vineyards' by Mr. Li Cheng, the Vice President in Rothschild Asian Private. Since Yao Ming and Zhao Wei have invested in vineyards, more and more capitals begin to focus on the investment of vineyards. How do they invest successfully? What kind of conditions and policies the investors need to pay attention to? The deep analysis by the most strongest chateau family would bring more information.


Please make your reservation here.  The deadline is June 1st .




We look forward to welcoming you to Beijing in June.

Warm regards,

The TopWine China 2012 Team


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