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This newsletter is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments and provide you with useful information about the TopWine China Exhibition and Conference. The third edition of the most important wine show in Beijing and the northern part of China takes place in the China National Convention Centre (CNCC) right next to the Bird Nest (China National Stadium for the Olympics opening and closing ceremony).



Impressive figures TopWine China 2011

The 2nd edition of TopWine China in 2011 reconfirmed the event as the most important wine show in Beijing and the northern part of China. In a professional atmosphere, more than 225 exhibitors presented their products: wines for every taste and in all price categories.


In total 5396 professional visitors made their way to Beijing to use TopWine China to build on their success and actively develop their international business.


These are the figures of TopWine China 2011:

  • 125 overseas exhibitors (2010: 53) representing world famous vineyards from all over the world
  • 100 Chinese exhibitors (2010: 52)
  • 5396 professional visitors (3450 in 2010)
  • 5182 domestic visitors from 135 cities of 30 provinces
  • 214 foreign visitors from 26 different countries       


Increased Exhibitor Demand confirms
Leading Position of TopWine China 

The 3rd edition of TopWine China Exhibition in Beijing will take place from June 4 - 6, 2012, in three halls of the China National Convention Centre (CNCC).     

According to all indications TopWine China 2012 will become the largest international wine fair ever held in the Beijing area. Each year has seen exhibitor as well as visitor numbers outstrip the year before so, in 2012, TopWine China will most probably house over 475 exhibitors. Nothing could better illustrate TopWine China's position as a prime facilitator of international wine trading. So far exhibitors represent the world's top wine-producing countries with pavilions organised from France, Italy, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Portugal and Georgia as well as individual exhibitors from many other countries, like Chili, Hungary and U.S.A. Their supremacy will be seen in the quality of more than 300 exhibitors. On top of that number we expect around 175 exhibitors from mainland China. 


In 2012 TopWine China is on her way to another great year. Do not waste time and consider your participation as exhibitor of the largest international wine show in Beijing and the northern part of China, now!



Additional hall for TopWine China 2012

Due to the further increase in exhibitors from all internationally relevant wine growing nations the TopWine China organisation recently decided to rent an additional hall in the China National Convention Centre, meaning the 2012 event will now occupy a total area of around 16.500 m2.   

Commenting on the move organiser Tony Kenter, CEO of Industrial Promotions International, said: "This growing demand from the traditional as well as the new wine countries from all over the world impressively underlines the leading position of TopWine China in the northern part of China. Apparently the international wine sector wishes to be present because the first two editions of TopWine China proved that the show really attracts the right decision-makers from wine traders as well as the retail, supermarket, catering, restaurant, hotel, duty free and E-commerce sector."



APT Showfreight appointed as the  

Official Freight Forwarder

The TopWine China organization recently appointed APT Showfreight Shanghai as the Official Freight Forwarder & On-Site Handling Agent for TopWine China 2012. APT Showfreight is a Team of Exhibition Logistics Professionals with experience over 10 years in the Exhibition & Event Industry. 


The company is part of the APT Showfreight & Logistics Group. In addition to her Chinese branch offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Xiamen, APT's international network of specialised agents & affiliates complement the company's services to ensure your exhibits are handled with efficiency and care.  

The main reason for appointing APT lies in the fact that APT has substantial experience in importing wines in China, sepcifically for exhibitions. Her track record shows amongst others the French Trade Commission Ubifrance, SUD De France, AAPRA. Their wine and spirits division is using APT's network already for years when attending wine shows in China.




TopWine China: perfect meeting  

point for Spanish wines

According to the Economic & Commercial Office in Beijing of the Embassy of Spain the participation of Spanish companies and institutions on international wine fairs in China, like TopWine China in Beijing, has been a huge success over the past few years.  


These exhibitions are highly recommended events, because they provide the perfect meeting point for all the implicated parties in the beverage industry. In fact the great impression made by the high quality of Spanish wines and the increasing good image of our wines have had a huge impact in our exports to China. In 2010, our wine sales increased more than 200%; becoming the fifth biggest exporter in terms of value. Prospects for 2011 are even better. In the first half of 2011, wine exports already exceed 34 million euros; where as last year our total exports by the end of June were 13 million euros. If this boost in sales continues during the second half of the year, we will become the 4th biggest wine exporter to China by the end of this year.


The Spanish government will keep supporting the participation of their companies in wine fairs, since the government is confident about the present importance and relevance of the Chinese wine market. Although the Spanish image is already good, the government believes there is still room for improvement in the perception of Spanish wine in China. The Chinese customer values top-end products and Spanish wine is certainly one of them. On top of that, Spanish winemakers offer an excellent quality and this is vital in a very competitive market like China.



Wine Industry in China Set to Boom

The rapid economic development that China seems to be enjoying extends into investments in the production of red wine, particularly as a means to attain long-term profits.


The Chinese wine market is expected to be worth 50 million nine liter cases within five years and up to 100 million nine liter cases in 10 years, according to Ian Ford, a partner at Chinese import firm, Summergate Fine Wines. Speaking at a Wine Future conference in Hong Kong, Ford said that imported wine currently accounted for 23 million nine liter cases, showing an increase from 16.5 million cases in 2010.  


The demand for wine in mainland China has grown rapidly over the past few years, which has resulted in the country becoming one of the top five producers of grapevines in the world. Although European nations like France, Spain and Italy remain at the top of that list, China, it seems, is all set to provide strong competition in the near future. The increase in demand has also been accompanied with an exorbitant increase in prices. Certain brands, for example, have seen their prices rise by as much as 500 percent in the last three years.

The wine culture in China is still a trifle unsophisticated, even as it gains in popularity. Experts have noted that many Chinese consumers are not in a position to properly distinguish good from bad wine. While this should certainly change with the passage of time, until then the place of origin, the year of production and the brand will be the main criteria for buying a bottle of wine in China.



Michael Thurner and Susie Wu launched  

'Cool Climate Wine' in Beijing 

Ms. Susie Wu, the famous wine columnist and critic in China together with Austria wine expert Mr. Michael Thurner launched their new book 'Cool Climate Wine' at the end of August in Beijing. The launch was supported by TopWine China.


In total 66 wineries from Austria, Germany and France took their best wines on site. At the same time, four of the best wineries from each country mentioned, introduced their wines during a tasting seminar.  

Could China be the largest world wine market in 20 years?

The latest report by The IWSR (International Wine & Spirit Research) explains that in about twenty years, China could well become the leading world wine market, ahead of the US. In 2010, the Chinese market represented 125 million cases, the equivalent of 1.5 billion bottles.    

The Chinese still, light wine market thus achieved 34.4% growth compared to 2009, which is the highest in the world. According to the IWSR, this is not likely to stop: within a year the Chinese consumption of still, light wines could be greater than that of UK.   


China is therefore on track to join the Top 5 wine consuming nations. In 2016, the report forecasts a market of 3 billion bottles in China. 

On-line visitor registration for 2012 is now live! 

Visiting TopWine China is restricted to trade professionals and associated business only.
As a receiver of this e-cast, we want you to be the first to know that on-line registration for the 2012 event in Beijing is now open!


Register on-line today! Everyone who pre-registers in advance to attend the event is entitled to FREE ENTRY.


Visiting TopWine China means you can:

  • See and taste new wines;
  • Keep up to date with industry trends;
  • Network with international industry peers;
  • Compare and evaluate wines from all over the world;
  • Attend the informative seminars and wine tasting sessions.  


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