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Since the turn of the twenty-first century, the wine industry in China has grown rapidly and it will continue to do so. In a sense, there is a westernization of consumer behaviour in the Chinese wine industry. More people and a greater diversity of people are drinking wine, the prices and types of the wine being drunk are becoming more varied and consequently, customer knowledge of the wine industry is also increasing.

Young people like to drink wine because they like the taste and the relaxing atmospheres it creates. They aspire to a modern and sophisticated lifestyle, are well-educated, open to Western ideas, serious about their career, and on top of that, value the good things of the good life.

Youngsters love wine nowadays. For them drinking wine is not simply about building up a cellar of burgundy or Lafite, but also entailed the ability to examine the flavours, aromas and draw on the behind-the-scenes story of the glass in their hand.
That’s why they tend to consume wine on a daily basis.