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TIPS & TRIcks FOR a successful participation!

Plan ahead
Make a checklist of the people you want to meet. Making appointments and inviting people in advance will help you making your participation successful.

Promote your presence to your network
Let others know you're attending TopWine China. Your network may introduce you to some interesting people when they know you are there. Social media platforms are ideal to inform your network.

Invite relations & prospects
If you have a stand make sure you invite your relations and prospects. Let them know that they are welcome to meet you on your stand. Hard copy invitations, e-mailings and social media are all tools to help you inviting a crowd to your stand.

Set goals
Try to set some measurable goals to help you focus during the show. Ask yourself questions like: Who do I want to meet? What do I want to learn? New business vs existing business?

Raise awareness
Make sure your company name is 'top of mind' with your peers in the industry. You can make use of our 'Product Online Showroom' to raise awareness of your wines. We can also assist you in reaching a targeted audience of 50.000+ via our data base.

Be organized
Have a brake and take a moment, take time to organize your cards, making notes whilst they are fresh in your memory. There are helpful apps and tools out there to make this easier.

Follow up
The most important thing to do is to follow up after the exhibition. Send a personal email or social media invite to the interesting contacts you gathered on the show within 1 or 2 weeks.